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Erica Manson, RN

Mental Health Nurse

Erica Mason started her career in the mental health field right after graduating from nursing school, and she never wavered in her commitment to this vital profession. Her deep connection to the field stemmed from her personal experiences and a heartfelt desire to contribute to the healing process of others, just as she had received herself.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Erica's work is receiving letters from her patients at the end of their treatment journeys. These heartfelt notes express gratitude for her invaluable assistance during their healing process, serving as a constant reminder that she's found her true calling.

When Erica isn't dedicated to her work, she cherishes the moments spent with her sons, relishes the opportunity to travel, and indulges her love for reading. In fact, she's an active member of not just one but two book clubs, highlighting her passion for literature and the joy she finds in sharing it with others.