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Sandra Hacias, RN

Nurse Manager

Born and raised in Michigan, Sandra embarked on a journey that spanned multiple states and countries, broadening her horizons and deepening her understanding of the world. Over two decades ago, she graduated with an ADN, marking the beginning of a fulfilling career in healthcare. Alongside raising three beautiful children and navigating through diverse landscapes, Sandra assumed various roles within the healthcare sector, starting from a CNA to eventually becoming an RN.

Despite initial reservations, Sandra's path led her to discover a profound passion for behavioral health, a field she has dedicated the last 15 years to. What initially began as an unexpected detour in nursing school blossomed into the most rewarding chapter of her career. Their work in behavioral health stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to serving others, igniting a sense of purpose that propels Sandra forward each day.

Beyond her professional endeavors, she finds fulfillment in giving back to the community, volunteering at Childhelp USA, where she mentored severely abused children in California and Arizona. When not immersed in work, Sandra cherishes moments spent with her adult children, relishing visits to their hometown in Michigan, indulging in antique shopping, nurturing her garden, and doting on her beloved dogs, Bentley and Coco.